KOR_Speeder Bike (Half-SS) 01.jpg

ROJ Speeder Bike

Korbanth, Half-Studio-Scale

Prototype of Future Kit

This was a kit prototype (in true half-scale, around 5.5') of a Speeder Bike, from Return of the Jedi.  Had to reassemble the whole thing, as well as rebuild the front steering vane from shipping damage.  It had been taken back apart for shipping, so expected at least some issues.  Had a perfect shelf spot where I added a forest photography background and a fake tree around a drainpipe.

Status:  Completed 2020!

DST_Build 028.jpg

ANH Death Star Tower

Private, Studio-Scale

Patterned from a REAL 1976 Tower

This was a foot-high Death Star Tower with lineage to a real-one used in ANH from 1976.  3D-Printed laser cannons were added to complete this little beauty.

Status:  Completed 2020!


Robi the Robot

DeAgostini, [about 14"]

Bench-Clearing Project

Built from a high-end kit from Modelspace / DeAgostini.  This came out in 2014, I bought it in 2017 (for half-price), and built it in 2019.  Does 250-ish voice-controlled and motion-controlled commands.  Pretty cool, for it's day, and still pretty cool for today.  Lots of servos, tiny wire runs, and testing.  Some of the initial testing videos are loaded.

Status:  Completed 2019!


ANH Escape Pod

Nice-N, Studio-Scale

Bench-Clearing Project

This had many stops and starts over the years, including the pana-vise letting loose right before final weathering and knocking all of the engines (etc.) off the back.  Added some replacement vintage kit parts, including copies of the rare (and intricate) SeaLab III hoses that were not originally included.

Status:  Completed 2019!

KOR_ISD Bridge (SS+) 00a.jpg

ESB-ish Star Destroyer

Korbanth, Studio-Scale-Plus (ish).

Bench-Clearing Project

This was sitting on and off the bench for the past two years... probably closer to an ESB-ish Star Destroyer, but a cool (and big) artist's interpretation.  Some fun "fit-ment" on this one, but got past most of that.  There is also a matching Millennium Falcon attached to the back of the bridge, just like on the ISD Avenger in ESB...

Status:  Completed 2019!

R1DS_Build 000c.jpg

ANH/RG1 Death Star

Korbanth, Half-Studio-Scale

Bench-Clearing Project


The domes (think R2-D2 head) for this were sitting on a bench after unpacking them.  I had some emergency dental drilling and was sitting there that night recovering... and I got to thinking about tiny drills from that day.  Threw it together over a few weekends and added fiber-optics around the trench.  I love detailing models, so decided to do a Rogue 1 version, where the main dish is being mounted into the Death Star.  Came out pretty good.  Ground down a copy of the big stock dish to make the thinner and rounded detail version.

Status:  On-Display - surface panels still need paint.