HIC_KKH-Build 000.jpg

Step 001: Snowball!


ESB Hoth Ion Cannon!

This was a long-time sought-after studio-scale kit.  One was finally made in 2021.  The cool part is the "exposed" area is mostly left to artist-interpretation, based on long-range screen-grabs from the whole two seconds it appears on-screen at the Battle of Hoth.  The ball itself is about a foot in diameter.

Status:  Completed

HIC_KKH-Build 001.jpg

Step 002: Pew...

The "Big Gun"

Elegant, for a Gun-Barrell...

The main gun was basically two main parts, along with various repeated greeblies and plastic channel cut-to-size.  The main gun length was also cut-to-size, at artists discretion, since the gun recoils and fires through most of the on-screen shot.

Status:  Completed

HIC_KKH-Build 002.jpg

Step 003: ... Pew

Alignment in 3D

Parts... Assemble!

The outer gun cowling is the base for the gun-sights.  The sights are made up of several little parts, many cut in pieces and rearranged into different assemblies.  A bit of home-made bent brass completes the ensemble.  The fun of this step was keeping the parts aligned in both the assemblies, and aligned in multiple mounting planes.

Status:  Completed

HIC_KKH-Build 004.jpg

Step 004: Guntastic

Testing the "Fitment"

There's that Fitment Word (again)...

Enough said!  So Cool!

Status:  Completed.

HIC_KKH-Build 009.jpg

Step 005: Zooming in

Feeling It!

Scratching and Bashing...

Started scratching and kit-bashing the layout of the "exposed" area ​on the hero-side of the ball.  This was left to artist's interpretation from zoomed-in screen-grabs.  Made a template to lay all my own parts out on the bench first, to get an idea of fitment.  The only rule I made was, "close, but not too lumpy".

Status:  Completed.

HIC_KKH-Build 020.HEIC

Step 006: Tweaked!

Time to Rest my Eyes...

Scratching and Bashing...

Revisiting an earlier module and started fleshing out fitment of surface gun turret mounts.  Had to adjust this area for the narrowness of the backend versus the one in the picture, but all general modules appear to still all fit, with some "special modifications myself". The math worked out, as the angles of the cross-section hull supports all align fairly closely to key attachment points in the picture.

Status:  Completed.

HIC_KKH-Build 021.HEIC

Step 007:  Baller!

Having a Ball!

Almost Ready for "Priiiiiime Tiiiime!"

Starting to look like something!  Cleaned up a few mold-marks and a weird mold-seam... Nothing unusual for resin.  (Actually, way better than a lot of the old-school resin kits...)  She's ready for primer!

Status:  Completed.