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I was nine years old when I first saw Star Wars.  When the Star Destroyer went over in the opening shot (and kept going and going) it blew me away!  I was hooked.

I was not into the toys, as much, but the models intrigued me.  When I was a kid, I ate a lot of cereal... since cardboard and glue were my only affordable mediums.  Those years taught me how to scratch-build anything.

Those years taught me how to scratch-build anything.  I made my first cardboard Millennium Falcon when I was 13, including headlights and a detailed hinged cockpit.  I remember winning an art award (ok, it was middle-school).


I also built a Neb-B, RBR, SSD Executor, and a studio-scale (-ish) Star Destroyer Bridge (with lighting) and a TaunTaun with rider Luke made from an Evil Knievel (wish I had all of those pictures).  Then there was that cardboard R2D2 when I was 15 (and 6' 1") that I could climb into and roll around in... was the hit of Halloween at school.  Not bad for a Geek.

I have an amazing "non-geek" wife of over 27 years that supports and appreciates my passion.  I also had the awesome experience (and 60-100 hour weeks for 30 years) of partnering to scratch-build a company starting at 19 years old, in all roles of computer engineering.  Still, I made time to scratch-build spaceship and house models, Around 2004, I inventoried my stash of Star Wars models as I had also discovered the world of resin and fiberglass garage-kits.  Then I started going to shows... even met Lorne and some of the other ILMers, as well as an awesome group of fellow builders.  I was hooked (again)!

Realizing that I have one of the most complete Star Wars model collection in the world... why not share?  As a collector, it is just darn cool to look at.  As an artist, I still appreciate how they kit-bashed these things together back-in-the-day.  As an engineer, I respect how tech is used to make movies now.  I also like to solve untried diorama builds... like my cut-away 4' DS2 Port.  It started out as a $25 steel rack from a nearby store-closing.  The math of the port intrigued me... and I will finish it one day!

Enjoy this stuff (and be patient as I try to further organize all 1000+ kits and accessories.  If you have a question about a Star Wars model, I can probably answer your SOS from my Stash of Sprues (SOS).


Inspire onto others as you would have them inspire onto you... or something like that.

-- Kevin (OTnROTSfan)

a.k.a. "doc"

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