Step 001: Sweet Resin!

Orange You Glad I Got This?

ESB Bespin Cloud Car

This was the newest resin rendition of the Cloud Car (I have four unique studio-scale kits of this).  The resin and fitment on the parts are outstanding!  Also got the available base mount.  Going to light the engines and cockpit with simple LED strip pieces.  Then onto the tricky, but incredibly satisfying shades of orange that made this ship stand-out to many.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 001.jpg

Step 002: Jacked!

Grand Opening


Drilled out a jack-entry for a 12V/2A wall-wort plug in the base.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 005.jpg

Step 003: About-Base

All About the Base

Simple and Elegant

The outer gun cowling is the base for the gun-sights.  The sights are made up of several little parts, many cut in pieces and rearranged into different assemblies.  A bit of home-made bent brass completes the ensemble.  The fun of this step was keeping the parts aligned in both the assemblies, and aligned in multiple mounting planes.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 007.jpg

Step 004: Minimalist

Sandman Cometh

Minimal, but Intricate

Sanding was minimal on this one (which is superb for a big resin kit).  Some parts, like the cockpit canopies, were just a lot of intricate work.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 006.jpg

Step 005: Mounting

Simple Pipe

Straight or Angled?

Got the mounting pipe hole cut below the engine​ and the mounting collar installed.  Cut both directions, so can decide later if mounting straight or angled.  The original buildup was mounted on an angle and looked pretty cool.  Also drilled out the wiring holes and into the wiring channels that run the lengths of the fuselage mount.  Test fit all of those engine mount parts.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 009.jpg

Step 006: Prime Time

Lean and Clean

All Parts Accounted For...

Got all of the parts cleaned up, sanded, and primed.​  Just a few putty fills, which is stellar for a large resin kit.  Also assembled and fit the pilot figures at this point, as they are a tight squeeze just like the studio model.  The pointing pilot was a challenge to make his finger not point out the "window".  Some "butt-sanding "was also performed.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 010.jpg

Step 007: Fitment Test

All Parts... Assemble!

Takes a Steady Hand...

Did a near-final "Fitment Test" on all major parts.  Paid special attention to the cockpits/pilots/canopies.  Next up will be making a simple light circuit, which will be powered by a wall wort, and then onto painting the various shades of orange/red.  Looking forward to that, on this one.  It really is one of the few Star Wars ships with brilliant coloring.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 016.jpg

Step 008: About-Base

Testing New Acrylics

Orange You Ready for This?

It is not often that you get to use a bunch of stark color on a Star Wars model... this one is definitely in that category!  Got most of the base-coating done, with the rich orange base color.  Using Archive-X acrylics for the first time... lays down smooth with around a 70-30 ratio.  I'm not so much a figure-painter, but got these cool ones mostly done, except for weathering.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 020.jpg

Step 009: Light 'Em Up

Testing LED Strip Lighting

Easy Lighter...

Never actually used LED strip lighting in a model before... so hacked off a couple of the minimal 3x Bright White LED sections from a long strip (convenient fit, actually).  Also soldered up two warm yellow mini-LEDs for the cockpit consoles.  Wired them all in parallel off of the 12V/2A (LED strip) wall wort.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 029.jpg

Step 010: Blue-ish

Feeling Slightly Blue-ish


Cut two simple engine light filters cut out of light-blue opaque sheet.  Installed and tested.  Just a bit of lighting blocking left to do around the engine cover to button that section up, then onto installing the cockpits and check for light-leak there, as well.

Status:  Completed