Step 001: Sweet Resin!

Orange You Glad I Got This?

ESB Bespin Cloud Car

This was the newest resin rendition of the Cloud Car (I have four unique studio-scale kits of this).  The resin and fitment on the parts are outstanding!  Also got the available base mount.  Going to light the engines and cockpit with simple LED strip pieces.  Then onto the tricky, but incredibly satisfying shades of orange that made this ship stand-out to many.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 001.jpg

Step 002: Jacked!

Grand Opening


Drilled out a jack-entry for a 12V/2A wall-wort plug in the base.

Status:  Completed

HCC_KKH-Build 005.jpg

Step 003: About-Base

All About the Base

Simple and Elegant

The outer gun cowling is the base for the gun-sights.  The sights are made up of several little parts, many cut in pieces and rearranged into different assemblies.  A bit of home-made bent brass completes the ensemble.  The fun of this step was keeping the parts aligned in both the assemblies, and aligned in multiple mounting planes.

Status:  Completed