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AUT_55 Ford Fairlane CS Diorama 00a.jpg

For Dad...

Scratch-Build, Common Car-Scale (1-25)

In 2016, my dad was diagnosed with onset terminal kidney failure (after surviving over a dozen heart surgeries, cancer, shingles, and other maladies).  I wanted to make something special for him.  I had not built a shiny car model since high school.  One Winter, I found a resin body of the 1955 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan -- my dad's first car when they got married.  The colors are the actual 1955 Ford mix.  Kit-Bashed the rest of the car.  Found an old Texaco Station kit that just had the front and side wall, the sign, and some accessories.  Scratch-built all of the rest, including detailed interior and car-lift with car.  Got it done two days before Christmas 2017.  I am told he would just sit and look at it -- smiling.  One special model... I keep this in my office, now.


Robi the Robot


Got this in mid-2017 from the same company that does the DeAgnostini Millennium Falcon, and other high-end model subscriptions.  Robi was introduced in 2014, so he is old by robotics standards, but is just plain cool!

Status:  Completed

003-002 - Coca Cola (1-32 Metal) - Signed.jpg

For an Old Friend...

Testors (1-72, Plastic)

Authentic Replicas - Repaint (1-32, Metal)

I reunited with a dear old friend of mine in 2017.  He was a lover of custom planes and enjoyed sharing several models in his home-office.  We worked together to make him a few planes with custom name-brand beverage (and other) liveries.  My favorites, by far, were the Cola Plane set, as shown.  Sadly, he passed away in late 2020, but his love of planes will live on, through our projects together.  I also keep these in my home-office now as a special memory.


I Got Next!

Arcade Cabinet

Built this a few years back from an XL Cabinet kit.  I was actually good at some of those games.  Nothing like playing Golden Tee with a roller-ball!  Even has the locking door in case I actually add the quarter/token mechanism, at some point.


1941 Farmall-A

It's All About the Strawhat!

Had some fun this fall with my parents' old early-'40s Farmall-A tractor.  This was my dad's pride-and-joy from the "old days".  We only use it in the Spring and Fall to work the gardens... and it still starts right up.  Those old dirt drags are as old as the tractor.  Now THAT was fun.  Next time going to wear an actual pair of new bib overalls one of my Aunts discovered, that belonged to my grandfather back when he owned and used it regularly.


Mom had Pics (Part 1)

The [Really] Early Days...

My early teen years (early 80s) taught me how to scratch-build anything, since all I had was cereal boxes and white glue.  I made my first cardboard Millennium Falcon when I was 13, including headlights and a detailed hinged cockpit. With very little reference.  Not sure the "toe-in" is right...


Mom had Pics (Part 2)

Discovering my "Geek"

In my middle-teen years, I also built a Neb-B, RBR, SSD Executor, and a studio-scale (-ish) Star Destroyer Bridge (with lighting) and a TaunTaun with rider Luke made from an Evil Knievel (wish I had all of those pictures).  Then there was that cardboard R2D2 when I was 15 (and 6' 1") that I could climb into and roll around in.  For a Geek, I was the hit of Halloween at school...


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