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KKH_tMuseum-ESB2 (2020).jpg

Reference Museum

This is actually in my home office, but makes a cool reference area.  Display pieces are mostly ESB.

KKH_tMuseum-ESB1 (2020).jpg

ESB/ROJ Museum


This is the main display of ESB models and replicas, my favorite of all of the Star Wars films.  On the bottom shelf is a half-scale ROJ speeder bike (around 5' long), including a drain-pipe covered by a fake Endor-forest tree trunk that I crafted.

KKH_tMuseum-ANH1 (2020).jpg

ANH Museum I

These are the first rack of [mostly] completed models and replicas from ANH.  The Landspeeder shell has an associated Six-Milion-Dollar Man figure for it's future build.

KKH_tMuseum-ANH2 (2020).jpg

ANH Museum II

These are the first rack of [mostly] completed models and replicas from ANH.  Vader's TIE Fighter Advanced X-1 model is accompanied by an original ICONS TIE Fighter (on the left), and an EFX TIE Fighter (on the right).  The half-scale Death Star still needs alll of the panels painted.  Technically, I built it out as a Rogue-1 version, with a custom interior where the main laser was being mounted.  The set of 1-144 Millennium Falcons are the original ANH one surrounded by the original "Lando" version (on the left), and TFA version (on the right). 

KKH_tMuseum-OTH (2020).jpg

Prequels Museum

This rack shows off some of the miscellaneous Prequels versions of ships that were sitting in the stash as extras, so I built them out, just for some interest for that genre.

KKH_tMuseum-NON (2020).jpg

Other Stuff Museum

The old laundry alcove now houses a few special auto and airplane custom builds, some TV car builds/kits, vintage kits/parts, and my stack of extras to sell.

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