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ZVZ_KKH-Build 212.jpg

ISD-XS (1-2700)

Commercial/Kit-Bash/Scratch-Build, Non-Studio-Scale

Ongoing Personal Project...

I have chosen my next project starting in 2020...  Cross-Section Star Destroyer, based on a picture in the Star Wars Incredible Cross Sections book.  At the core is a Zvezda/Revell (1-2700) Kit, which is about two feet long.  I am planning to do general lighting, as well as light the "hero" side.  Hopefully it will also have my first 3D self-designed and printed parts, as part of this as a prototype and learning project.

Status:  In-Progress...

HST_DS2-Port 01.jpg

ROJ DS2 Port Attack


Scratch-Build, Non-Studio-Scale (1-144)

My On-Again, Off-Again Beauty...

This started with a $25 rack from a local store-closing.  After months of analysis, I calculated the scale of the original port model to around 1-98.  There were not many ships in that scale, at the time, so I settled on 1-144.  I was a Computer Engineer, a math guy, and at one time a want-to-be Architect, so this really intrigued me.  I also like to try dioramas that have never been done before.  After completing the fully-lit tunnel, it took two years to complete the port itself... and is completely hand-built.  The top of the port is also removable and hinged to work on any innards.  With life-events, this has been sitting under plastic for about five years now, but looking to restart on the finish-work at some point.

Status:  Moved to workshop awaiting restart...

Coming Soon Neon Light


The projects shown below were selected from the build stash as the next projects to be worked on.  Some are resurrections of older projects.  All projects are subject to change...

RCM_Hammerhead Corvette (Rogue1) 02.jpg

RG1 Hammerhead Corvette

RCM, Non-Studio-Scale (1-250)

I've Got an Idea...

This is a great rendition of the Hammerhead Corvette, from Rogue 1.  This ships was one of the fan favorites from the movie.  This one also screams for a section of ISD for display, like the core scene from the movie.

Status:  Upcoming...

MER_SS Anakin Podracer (1-8) 03.jpg

TPM Ani's Podracer


Merlin Models, Studio-Scale (1-8)

Still Drooling...

I got in on the original 2020 release of this monster 3DP kit of Anakin's Podracer from TPM.  This thing is a monster of a kit, beautifully engineered as far as the parts breakdown and display options.

Status:  Reviewing the painted examples...

R1DS_Build 000c.jpg

RG1 Death Star

Korbanth + Scratch-Build, Half Studio-Scale

On-Again, Off-Again Fun Project

This started as a half-Studio-Scale ANH Death Star Kit, from the original film.  Since it had a separate main laser dish, I decided to try and custom-build the inside more to the Rogue-1 scene, where the laser was being mounted and you could partially see the inside.

Status:  Playing with a 3DP STL of the main laser...

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