3D Printer

CAD-dy Shack v2

2020 was mostly a wash... between helping family, and keeping afloat, but did get my new WIP Room up and running.  Going forward, I am finally ramping up more formally [re]learning CAD (after 30+ years) and 3D Printing.  Have only dabbled with some of the free CAD tools, a Prusa-MK3 FDM-printer, and a Cameo3 cutter.  On the cutter, I am perfecting styrene panel-cutting, which I had only used previously for cutting vinyl paint masks and custom vinyl airplane liveries.  At some point will add a resin printer (or two).

WIP_Reconcile Collection.jpg

The Stash v2

It took 3+ Winters to [re]organize and [re]inventory the Stash for my own benefit, and to more accurately insure the 1000+ Star Wars and associated accurizing kits.  With that behind me, and an updated spreadsheet to keep up on real-time now, I am now working on standardizing the stats about each kit for eventual uploading to a [hopefully] data-driven "Collection" page... 2020 was mostly a wash in getting to that.

WIP Room-2020 ext.jpg

Temporary Workshop


I merged my home office, and all project space, into an L-Shaped attic room.  The "works-in-progress" cupola area is centered around my grandfather's 1940s huge oak farm table.  This room now allows me to have all in-progress projects always "active", while freeing up several benches for specific shape, construct, and paint areas.  I was contemplating building an outbuilding with a workshop, but so far, this new merged area is supporting just about everything I am working on.

KKH_tMuseum-ESB1 (2020).jpg

Temporary Museum

Moved all display pieces to the utility basement for a more controlled environment, out of the way of any house projects.


Click the pic to see the rest of the museum, so far...