Robi the Robot



Got this in mid-2017 from the same company that does the DeAgnostini Millennium Falcon, and other high-end model subscriptions.  Robi was introduced in 2014, so he is old by robotics standards, but is just plain cool!


Built in 2019.  He is about fourteen inches tall and voice and sensor responds to 250-ish commands, including walking, dancing, singing, exercising (push-ups and sit-ups), cleaning, and guard-duty (to name a few).  He also has a cool "sitting chair" charger when he gets "tired".

Click the pic for some video shorts from testing...

FUN_MavicPro 01.jpg

Mavic Pro


An old friend of mine got me into droning in 2018.  This baby is high-tech (not-a-toy) and almost dummy-proof, just how I like it.  Does 4k video and pictures, and I can strap my iPad4 mini into it to see what it sees miles away.  The return-to-home and follow-me modes are very slick.


I Got Next!

Arcade Cabinet

Built this a few years back from a large kit.  I was actually good at some of those games.  Nothing like playing Golden Tee with a roller-ball!  Even has the locking door in case I actually add the quarter/token mechanism, at some pont.


'40s Farmall-A


It's All About the Strawhat!

Had some fun this fall with my parents' old early-'40s Farmall-A tractor.  We only use it in the Spring and Fall to work the gardens... and it still starts right up.  Those old dirt drags are as old as the tractor.  Now THAT was fun.  Next time going to wear an actual pair of new bib overalls one of my Aunts discovered, that belonged to my grandfather back when he owned and used it regularly.  That would make a good model/diorama someday...


My Mom Found This - Part 1


The [Really] Early Days...

My early teen years (early 80s) taught me how to scratch-build anything, since all I had was cereal boxes and white glue.  I made my first cardboard Millennium Falcon when I was 13, including headlights and a detailed hinged cockpit. With very little reference.  Not sure the "toe-in" is right...


My Mom Found This - Part 2


Totally a "Geek"...

In my middle-teen years, I also built a Neb-B, RBR, SSD Executor, and a studio-scale (-ish) Star Destroyer Bridge (with lighting) and a TaunTaun with rider Luke made from an Evil Knievel (wish I had all of those pictures).  Then there was that cardboard R2D2 when I was 15 (and 6' 1") that I could climb into and roll around in.  For a Geek, I was the hit of Halloween at school...