ZVZ_KKH-Build 013.jpg


Commercial/Kit-Bash/Scratch-Build, Non-Studio-Scale

Hype the Prototype

I have chosen my next project starting in 2020...  Cross-Section Star Destroyer, based on a picture in the Star Wars Incredible Cross Sections book.  At the core is a Zvezda/Revell (1-2700) Kit, which is about two feet long.  I am planning to do general lighting, as well as light the "hero" side.  Hopefully it will also have my first 3D self-designed and printed parts, as part of this as a prototype and learning project.

Status:  Click pic for more details...

R1DS_Build 000c.jpg

RG1 Death Star


Korbanth + Scratch-Build, Half Studio-Scale

On-Again, Off-Again Fun Project

This started as a half-Studio-Scale ANH Death Star Kit, from the original film.  Since it had a separate main laser dish, I decided to try and custom-build the inside more to the Rogue-1 scene, where the laser was being mounted and you could partially see the inside.

Status:  Playing with a 3DP STL of the main laser...

MER_SS Anakin Podracer (1-8) 03.jpg

TPM Ani's Podracer


Merlin Models, Studio-Scale (1-8)

Still Drooling...

I got in on the original 2020 release of this monster 3DP kit of Anakin's Podracer from TPM.  This thing is a monster of a kit, beautifully engineered as far as the parts breakdown and display options.

Status:  Watching progress on the paint masters...

HST_DS2-Port 01.jpg

ROJ DS2 Port Attack


Scratch-Build, Non-Studio-Scale (1-144)

My On-Again, Off-Again Beauty...

This started with a $25 rack from a local store-closing.  After months of analysis, I calculated the scale of the original port model to around 1-98.  There were not many ships in that scale, at the time, so I settled on 1-144.  I was a Computer Engineer, a math guy, and at one time a want-to-be Architect, so this really intrigued me.  I also like to try dioramas that have never been done before.  After completing the fully-lit tunnel, it took two years to complete the port itself... and is completely hand-built.  The top of the port is also removable and hinged to work on any innards.  With life-events, this has been sitting under plastic for about five years now, but looking to restart on the finish-work at some point.

Status:  Moved to workshop awaiting restart...